Can anyone do Pilates?

People of all ages, fitness levels and body conditions can find benefits with Pilates. It can be adapted, modified and customised for individual needs. Some advanced moves and sequences will challenge the most elite athlete while other exercises are suitable for even the frailest physique.

Do I have to do Matwork before I can start on your equipment?

Short answer: No. 
Pilates is a resistance based exercise, and whether you train on a mat or an apparatus you'll be working against some form of resistance. 

How do I start Equipment Pilates?

All new clients must complete our Starter Package to start training on our equipment. This includes 3 one-on-one sessions to enable our instructors to assess your abilities and ensure you are safe on the equipment at all times.

And how do I book in? 

We made a little how-to & you can access it here


How does Pilates differ from other forms of exercise?

In several ways! Pilates focuses on working your body as a whole, instead of working just one muscle group at a time. Pilates is a low impact exercise and is therefore quite safe to participate in. Another way that Pilates differs from other forms of exercise is that it works your muscles whilst keeping your body posturally aligned. Pilates is also an excellent form of rehabilitation, whilst many other types of exercise are not.

What is the difference between Matwork Pilates & Equipment Pilates?

Mat workouts and Equipment workouts provide similar benefits, and it can be confusing to know which is right for your current goals and abilities. In Pilates, working against resistance is essential. In a mat class it is your body weight that creates resistance, where as a the equipment uses pulleys and springs to create resistance. Both offer you a huge range of benefits, and we would recommend both reformer and mat work for the best results!

What if I have back problems or another injury?

Developing strong core muscles can definitely help improve back problems. Many people find Pilates is an excellent choice for preventing or managing existing injuries.
See our article on Pilates for Back Pain to see if you think Pilates would be right for you.
Once you have completed your Starter Package we will be able to assess whether or not Semi-Private classes will be suitable for your needs.

What should I wear?

Something that you can move in, and socks!

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant or just had a baby?

Yes! It is excellent to strengthen the transversus abdominis and pelvic floor muscles (which make up you T-zone) prior to giving birth. The type of exercises pregnant women can do will decrease as they enter each of the three trimesters.Pilates is also great for postnatal women, however it is important that you talk to you doctor about when you are able to resume exercising after giving birth, as the length of time may vary due to the nature of the birth. Your instructor will need to ask you some questions about the birth and your recovery in order to tailor a Pilates program for you. Please note: If you are pregnant or postnatal you have a duty to disclose this with your instructor. 
For more information check out this Pilates while Pregnant.

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