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To comply with NSW Government regulations to provide a COVID-Safe environment and to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy, Wellbeing Pilates Studio has made it a priority to open with a schedule that allows for as much physical distancing and cleaning as possible. 
We will review our schedule regularly to take account of any changes in NSW Government health requirements and to make sure we always have a "COVID-Safe" studio.

Please take a minute or two to read our COVID-Safe guidelines and feel free to ask us about anything you don’t understand or are unsure about.

Wellbeing Pilates Studio COVID-Safe Guidelines

  • Please do not come into the studio if you, or anyone you meet, is showing signs of illness or has been diagnosed with Coronavirus. 

    • You can still keep moving with our Online Studio from home! Get Well. Boost that immune system, and get back in when you're 100%.


  • Please don’t come into the studio if you have just returned from overseas. Come back and see us when you have been home for 14 days as long as you don’t have any Coronavirus symptoms. 

    • In the meantime, there’s always the Online Studio to keep you moving and in touch.


  • When you get back to the studio, hand sanitiser is available and must be used when you arrive and again when you leave. For those of you who prefer to wash your hands, you can make your way straight to the sink and do so.


  • Please be mindful of physical distancing as you enter the studio. Especially during group classes. 


  • We have stepped up our cleaning regime a notch to keep everyone safe.
    If you touch it, wipe it.


  • We will take 15 minutes between each class to thoroughly clean all the equipment and touchpoints.


  • Please wear socks at all times in the studio.

    • We have $20 "Move Active" Pilates grip socks available in the studio as usual but we will also have plain $2 socks available for you to purchase if you forget yours.


  • To avoid sharing equipment, you are welcome to bring your own mat to our mat classes or a towel to place on the equipment. 


  • To make this policy work for everyone, please try to arrive on time. 

    • We will open the doors to the Studio 5 minutes before your class.


  • When your class is over, please leave promptly and avoid gathering in the studio. This makes sure we have the time to clean the studio thoroughly for the next group. 

    • If you wish to catch up with others, you're welcome to do so outside or at one of the local cafes.


  • Keep your contact details updated to help with contact tracing. 

    • Your instructor will check your details upon arrival.

    • The easiest way for you to update your details is become a "Member" in our Online Studio. This is free and does not mean you need to subscribe to the Online Studio. Once you're signed in, you can edit your own information to include your mobile number, and email address. 

Regular Cleaning Routine

Undertaken in the 15 minute interval between clients/classes


All touch points in the studio to be sanitized with approved anti-bacterial wipes or spray.

This includes: 

  • Internal and external door handles (including to the change room / bathroom)

  • Bench seat 

  • EFTPOS Terminal 

Although all clients will need to wipe down any of the equipment that they use while in the studio, we will be wiping over all surfaces on the equipment again with our sanitizing spray 

This includes:

  • Head rests & shoulder pads

  • Reformer loops 

  • Reformer springs

  • Ropes used on reformers

  • Foot bar and the lever used to lift & lower the bar 

  • Wunderchair pedals, handles and seat

  • All Cadillac straps & handles

  • Cadillac rails and support posts 

  • Pilates Loops 

  • Foam Rollers

  • Resistance Bands 

  • Yoga Blocks 

  • Pilates Mats 


  • The bathroom, and all touch points will be sanitized

  •  The studio door will be opened 5 minutes before the class start time to encourage ventilation (and avoid too much contact with the door handle) 

  • Once complete, our instructors will wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 30 seconds.  

Daily Cleaning Routine

In addition to the regular cleaning routine undertaken between each class, there will be extra cleaning done daily to ensure that our Studio is as clean and safe as possible.

  • Floors will be mopped with a disinfectant

  • Reformer double loops will be washed every night in a disinfectant 

  • Cadillac fuzzy straps, and handles will be washed every night in a disinfectant

  • Sanitised cloths will be replaced every morning.


We encourage you to bring your own Mat to our Mat Classes or a towel to our Reformer Classes. 



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