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We absolutely love our job, and are committed to making sure you can continue to love what we do too! To ensure the highest standards of health and wellbeing for our community and team, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines when you're in the studio. 


You can also check our COVID health plan.


  • Socks must be worn. This is in the interest of “hygiene and cleanliness” & applies throughout the studio. Socks must be worn at all times on the Reformers and in any equipment based classes.
    Forgot your socks? Grip socks are available at the Wellbeing Pilates Studio.

  • We love seeing you achieve a longer, stronger and leaner body, but not all of your body. Please wear exercise appropriate apparel including tights or bike shorts.

  • In the interest of hygiene and respect for others we ask you to wipe down all equipment at the end of your session. Organic & environmentally friendly disinfectant is always available with cloths to clean the equipment after use.


  • To keep everyone on schedule, all classes will start and end on time, so don't be late. 

  • If you arrive early to your class, feel free to take yourself to our stretching area and you can start to stretch your body with our barre, mats, or foam rollers. Additionally, if you feel the need to stay for an extended stretch at the end of your session you're welcome to stay in our stretching zone. However, using our bigger pieces of pilates equipment (Reformers, Wunderhchair, Cadillac or Balls) without sufficient supervision from one of our instructors can be potentially dangerous and we ask you not to use the equipment without an instructor supervising you.

  • If you arrive late to your class, please try to join in as soon as possible. Pilates is a flowing exercise, and the routines are designed to activate certain muscles so each client can get the most out of their sessions. As our schedule is quite busy, we cannot extend a class to accommodate for any late comers so try your best to arrive on time, to ensure you get your full 30 minutes.


  • As we have limited number of class spots and we have many clients that love being a part of the Wellbeing Pilates Studio, we take attendance seriously and it is very important that you take responsibility of your bookings. Cancellation of classes at the last minute or not showing up will mean that someone else will be missing out being a part of that class. We know that life is busy and plans change so we ask that you let us know if you can't make it as soon as possible.

  • A minimum of 24 hours must be given for all cancellations. Failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in forfeit of your class payment. 

  • Our cancellation policy may seem tough, but we think of it as a way to encourage you to stick to your plans and ensure you pursue the goals you  originally set out to achieve.


The Wellbeing Pilates Studio does not offer childcare services. We are family friendly and understand that sometimes you will need to bring your children along. However, it is your responsibility to supervise your children while in the studio, this also includes participants in the "Mums & Bubs" pilates classes.

For the safety of your child, please do not let them touch or play on any of the equipment.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave should your children be playing on the equipment as it can be disruptive to the class. 

Please make yourself aware of how we go about bringing our services to you. These procedures help to ensure that you enjoy your experience at the Wellbeing Pilates Studio as much as we enjoy providing it to you. Together, we can ensure everyone is happy and healthy in our studio


Can't wait to move with you soon!

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