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Our studio

Established in 1998, our studio is located in the heart  of Bungendore and welcomes brand newbies right through to the most experienced Pilates person.

Our inclusive movement community has become a place of fearless movement, where we encourage and empower all our clients to move easy. With over 35 years of combined knowledge in the industry, we don't subscribe to one Pilates methodology over another. Rather, we focus on human experience to create classes that are challenging, uplifting, educational and fun!

Our aim is to teach our clients to appreciate how powerful their bodies can be when trained to their optimum potential. 


our space

Classes are kept small, so we can give you the attention and focus necessary to gain real connection and skill development.


Our highly skilled instructors aim to create a fun & safe environment for all clients of all abilities because we want you to become the best version of yourself. 

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