Change happens in movement, and movement heals.

- Joseph Pilates


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The Wellbeing Pilates Studio, established in 1998, is located in the heart of Bungendore.
Equipped with Reformers, a Cadillac and a Wunderchair, our studio offers everything you need for a comfortable experience every session. No two bodies, minds or lives are the same which is why our instructors tailor their classes to meet the needs of each individual for the most effective total body workout. All our instructors share a passion for pilates, and want to help people gain as many benefits as they can from it. 


Our aim is to enable all clients to appreciate how powerful their bodies can be when trained to their optimum potential. 


Exercise is the first prerequisite for happiness..

- Joseph Pilates




A group class which includes Pilates' equipment such as the magic circle, foam roller, balls & resistance bands. 
The exercises use your own body weight and are easily modified to suit you needs. 



The Cadillac is another resistance exercise machine and offers exercises for all abilities; from gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics & full body hangs. 


The reformers offer increased strength training as you work with resistance, which enables you to achieve more intense stretches, so you can experience fast & effective results...


The Wunderchair also offers resistance, it is a box with pedals on the side that can be pressed down against the resistance of the springs. This apparatus is great for knee injuries & pregnant women as it takes the body out of a weight bearing position and works against the resistance. 


4/30 Ellendon Street
Bungendore NSW 2621

02 6238 0033

Cathy: 0412 611 847

Rachel: 0432 590 632


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