All our instructors share a passion for Pilates,
and want to help people gain as many benefits as they can from Pilates. Regularly participating in Matwork or Reformer classes allows them to strengthen their own technique and understanding of Pilates




Cathy is the owner/founder of the Wellbeing Pilates Studio and has been an instructor in the fitness industry for over 30 years.
“I am passionate about training and improvement and this is reflected in my commitment to teaching my clients high quality Pilates.”
Cathy continues her own training through Studio Pilates and says:
“I want you to progress with your Pilates, not just do advanced exercises. That’s why I keep up my own training and experience.”
Monique has been teaching Pilates at the Studio since early 2013. With a dancing background and a love for the human body, Monique is currently studying towards becoming a Physiotherapist... on top of this she is a fantastic mum and loves teaching our Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes, specialising in both pre & post natal care. 
For the past 7 years Rachel has been following her passion for health & nutrition. She has been teaching Pilates since early 2013, while studying part-time to become a Nutritionist. Rachel has a beautiful son who keeps her busy in her "spare time".

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