Head over to https://www.vagaro.com 

If you are an existing customer, please contact us & we'll send you through your login details.

If you are a new customer you can create a new Vagaro account.

If you aren't already looking at the Wellbeing Pilates Studio services & classes you'll need to search for the business.

Choose "Classes" from the tab and you will be able to view our Pilates Matwork & Barre Classes available to book in to. 

Choose your class and "sign up" 

You can either choose to attend 1 session, or while you're in this section you can make a recurring booking.

From here, you can either checkout with your classes, or if you want to add more classes (on different days) you can add this to class. 

From here, you're in the checkout and you can request your booking which will be confirmed within 12 hours. 

And, then you're booked! 

For those of you with class passes you can still request a booking an once it is confirmed it will be taken from your pass. 

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